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Why Spark Coaching?

We work with individuals to help them affect changes in their lives that will make them happy; whether that's professionally, emotionally, healthily, socially or financially.
Our professionally trained and qualified coaches specialise in empowering individuals to step out of their comfort zone and take on new challenges, using their many years of experience to enable each individual  to fulfil their potential and purpose to live the life they really want to live.

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Not sure what coaching can do for you?

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Life is Complex

We know that there are a million self-help books out there that can promise to help you achieve all sorts of life changes, we’ve read quite a few of them, and some of them are really good. But life is complex and when you want to change things or find your mojo again, it’s seldom down to just one thing. Often just deciding what it is you want to change or figuring out the first step to re-igniting your passion is the really hard part.

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Professional Experience

This is what makes Spark different.

With over 15 years of professional coaching experience behind us, we have developed a brilliant set of tools to help you discover what you want to change and then navigate your way to re-energising, tweaking, reshaping or changing your life, utilising beautifully curated resources that will make the experience even more rewarding.  

A Community of Cheerleaders

But that’s not all, imagine having an opportunity to talk to a bunch of people who have been through similar experiences to you and find out what has worked for them… and what hasn’t? Well, that’s the added dimension our Spark community brings, it’s like having professional help on hand supported by loads of mates who share what they have found works too.

What people say about Spark


"Taking the Spark journey gave me focus to confront things I needed to change to move to the future I want. I now have an action plan that I'm committed to and can access resources that will help me if my motivation starts to flag." 

"Really simple and easy to use to challenge yourself to understand where to make the most effective changes in your life in the areas you want. I can use this over and over again as I move through the various phases of life."



"All it takes is a spark and sometimes you need the nudge to ignite it. This is that nudge, in the form of a trusted process, that can be done again and again."


"Recently it's felt like I have a massive rope with lots of knots in my head, my Spark journey allowed me to start untangling those knots and for the first time in a while my mind feels a lot clearer. Spark has given me the motivation I needed."


Ready to Spark a Change?​

What are you waiting for...

Find it.
Ignite it.
Encourage it.
Nourish it.

What will you do with your Spark?

Our Programmes



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